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Emerging Digital Nomad Hotspots in 2024

Here’s a look at some of the top destinations making waves in the digital nomad community.

by Emma Bousfield • May 29, 2024 • 4 min read

The digital nomad lifestyle continues to thrive, with more countries seemingly starting to recognize the increased benefits of attracting remote workers. In 2024, several new hotspots have emerged, snatching the top spots from places like Tulum, Mexico and Bali, Indonesia. These unique destinations offer exciting opportunities for those looking to combine work with travel. Here’s a look at some of the top destinations making waves in the digital nomad community.

South Africa

South Africa, birdseye view of mountain ranges and ocean in the background

South Africa is rapidly becoming a favorite among digital nomads thanks to its new visa regulations which aim to attract remote workers and digital nomads. So, why South Africa? Well, the country offers a unique blend of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and a growing tech scene. Cape Town, in particular, has been voted as a top remote work destination, boasting excellent wireless connectivity (hugely important) and a vibrant urban life​ for those looking for more beyond their working hours.


Venice, Italy canals

Italy has jumped on the digital nomad bandwagon and introduced its own visa specifically for remote workers. This visa allows digital nomads to immerse themselves in Italy's rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant food scene... I mean, culture... Whether you prefer bustling cities like Rome and Florence, or the serene countryside of Tuscany, Italy provides an inspiring backdrop for work and leisure​.

Cape Verde

Birdseye view of Cape Verde beach

Another interesting spot to add to your list; Cape Verde is an emerging hotspot known for its stunning beaches and relaxed lifestyle. The country’s new visa policies have been designed to attract digital nomads, making it easier for remote workers to enjoy this island paradise. Cape Verde is known for its warm climate and welcoming community and is often overlooked as a travel destination. But truly, this place is SPECTACULAR, and perfect for those looking to balance work with leisure.


Birdseye view of the island of Mauritius

If I'm being honest, I didn't even know which continent Mauritius was in before doing research for this article, and now, I'm absolutely SOLD. Mauritius, if explained in one word, would be gorgeous. It offers a perfect blend of work and play, with its crystal-clear waters and luxurious resorts. The island nation has become increasingly popular among digital nomads, thanks to its excellent internet connectivity and serene environments, I mean, it's basically the Hawaii of Africa. So, whether you're working from a beachside café or a quiet resort, Mauritius provides a tranquil and productive setting, the ultimate place to relax and unwind.


Lisbon portugal rooftops

This one isn't necessarily new, but Portugal continues to be a popular destination for digital nomads. Which is no surprise due to its affordable living and rich cultural scene. Events like the Nomad World Fest in Albufeira and the availability of reasonably priced accommodations in cities like Lisbon make Portugal a super attractive option for young, digital nomads. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, the country’s warm climate and welcoming communities add to its appeal​.


Tokyo japan streets at night

Thought we'd toss in a bit of a wild card as the only Asian country on the list for 2024. So, for those looking for a unique experience, we recommend hitting Japan. This country offers coworking road trips (so cool) that are designed for remote workers, but enable you to see much more of the country than you might have otherwise been able to. Remote 9 organizes trips across Japan, allowing digital nomads to explore different regions while maintaining productivity. With reliable Wi-Fi and comfortable accommodations, these trips offer a perfect balance of adventure and work.


Namibia desert with mountains

One key takeaway from this post? Africa is dominating. Namibia, of all places, is emerging as a unique, yet highly reliable destination for digital nomads. Namibia is known for its vast deserts, and wildlife, and luckily, it's got some new digital nomad-friendly policies. The country is stunning, period. But not only that, its communities are extremely friendly, welcoming, and accepting. It's the ultimate adventure destination and we couldn't recommend it enough.

The digital nomad lifestyle continues to evolve with no signs of slowing, which means we're likely to see more countries adopting these digital nomad visas and policies. And with each emerging hotspot, comes new and exciting opportunities for remote workers. So, whether you're seeking cultural immersion, natural beauty, or vibrant communities, the destinations highlighted in this blog post offer something for every digital nomad. Pack your bags and make the world your office in 2024!


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