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2024 Coliving And Coworking Events For Hosts and Operators

Coliving and coworking events to keep on your radar for 2024!

by Emma Bousfield • Feb. 22, 2024 • 3 min read

Coliving Events For Hosts

Coworking Alliance Summit online (March 6th)

"The annual Coworking Alliance Summit brings together coworking alliances, community leaders, collaborative organizations, and industry professionals from around the world."

To purchase tickets, click here:

Housing Matters in Cannes, France (March 12-15)

"Every week, more than 1.5 million people move to a city somewhere in the world. Yet most cities are not keeping up with rising housing demands, which drives up prices and housing inequality in the process. Now is the time to imaginatively explore how we might shape the future of living. Let’s explore solutions such as built-to-rent, coliving, multi-family housing, corporate housing…, and share visions of what sustainable housing should and could be."

To register, click here:

GCUC North America in Salt Lake City, United States (April 9-11)

"The magic of GCUC is that we have everyone from coworking newbies, industry experts, 10+ year veteran operators, VC’s, investors and real estate giants in the room. The diverse crowd is what makes the conversations engaging and why people keep coming back year after year.

It is our goal to help support and grow the industry while making sure you are constantly learning, growing, and evolving your business. We are the place where you come to learn what is going on within the industry and how you future proof your business. You will meet leaders like you or unlike you, and have breakthrough conversations and make connections that will propel the future of work."

To buy tickets, click here:

Coliving Gathering in Gran Canaria, Spain (April 18-21)

"Calling all pioneers of coliving! Join us for an unprecedented gathering designed exclusively for the brilliant minds shaping the future of coliving spaces. This exclusive event marks a pivotal moment—a chance to finally match faces with the visionary names behind the transformative spaces catering to digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. In an industry driven by collaboration, not competition, this is a unique platform to forge connections, ignite synergies, and collaboratively craft global communities. To have an event like this has been echoed by numerous coliving founders, ensuring tickets will sell fast. With only 25 rooms available, don't miss your ticket to join the forefront of the coliving revolution!"

This event is reserved for Coliving Hub members only.

Coworking Spain in Madrid, Spain (May 28 & 29)

"2 days of meetings with the entire industry coworking, coliving and flex office industry. The most important speakers in the coworking industry, flex offices, and the future of work."

To buy tickets, click here:

The Future of Work Series in various locations around the world

"Immerse yourself in this enriching experience, featuring a senior line-up of distinguished speakers who bring valuable insights and expertise to the forefront. This event isn't just about exploration; it's a unique opportunity for networking, allowing you to connect with industry leaders, professionals, and like-minded individuals."

To buy tickets, click here:

Urban Living Festival in London, England (July 3 & 4)

"URBAN LIVING FESTIVAL 2024 connects the global community of contemporary hospitality and real estate 'urbanites' to collectively define the evolution of how and where we stay, live and work."

Tickets are not yet available (as of February 2024) - keep monitoring the website closely.

Coliving Conference & Coliving Awards in Amsterdam, Netherlands (September 25 & 26) hybrid option

"Join forces with industry leaders, fuel innovation and exchange coliving expertise at our annual 2-day hybrid conference in Amsterdam."

Tickets not yet available (as of February 2024) - keep monitoring the website closely

Coworking Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria (November 12th-14th)

A conference dedicated to the coworking and coliving industry in Europe. A place where operators, investors, and developers can come together to discuss, share, and innovate together!

To buy tickets, click here:

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