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The Best Blogs For Remote Workers

Because honestly, bloggers know best.

by Emma Bousfield • Nov. 23, 2023 • 2 min read

colive values Blog:

Obviously, we're here bringing you all the tips about working remotely abroad, coliving, coliving communities, tips about how to improve productivity, and so much more. We also often feature some of our favourite communities on the platform, so it's a great resource to find your next coliving community!

That Remote Life Blog:

This blog provides digital nomads and remote workers with valuable insights and offers practical advice on productivity, work-life balance, and navigating the challenges of working remotely. Think of this blog as your own virtual mentor.

Buffer Blog:

Buffer is known for being a pioneer in remote work practices and so there blog is definitely one to bookmark. This blog goes beyond covering just the basics, it delves into more complex topics like team collaboration, building a remote-first culture, and embracing (not to mention troubleshooting) the ever-evolving nature of remote work. This blog is great for remote work strategy.

Remote OK Blog:

From job hunting tips to in-depth guides on remote work tools, the Remote OK Blog is catered specifically to remote job seekers and workers. Definitely a must-read for anyone looking to get into the remote work space, or switch to a new remote role.

Trello Blog:

Trello, one of the true champions of remote collaboration, extends its expertise on the subject through its blog. With articles covering remote team dynamics, project management, and personal productivity, this blog is the digital hub where you can gather actionable tips for optimizing your remote work setup.

Zapier Blog:

As long-time advocates for remote work, discovering Zapier's blog will make you feel like you hit the jackpot. It’s chalked full of practical advice on automation, remote team communication, and streamlining workflows. This blog can truly be a toolbox for you as remote worker, and utilizing the tips you gather in the blog will definitely make you stand out at work.

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