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The Best Websites For Remote Workers To Stay Connected

Support and connection are the building blocks of remote work.

by Emma Bousfield • Nov. 23, 2023 • 2 min read

colive values:

This is an online platform, kind of like AirBnb, for remote workers to find like-minded remote work communities around the world. Choose any of the filters from a long list of interests, values, locations, and amenities that suit your preferences. From there, the platform will show you remote work communities that meet what you’re looking for. Coliving is a great way to stay connected when abroad.

Reddit (r/digitalnomad):

This subreddit on Reddit is awesome. It’s got a mix of advice, shared experiences, as well as job opportunities. This supportive community is honestly like a bustling marketplace of insights where digital nomads can gather to discuss everything from work tips to the best spots for coliving.

Nomad List:

This really is a treasure trove for digital nomads, Nomad List is a platform where you can connect with fellow remote workers. You’re able to connect, ask questions, and gather super awesome information about the best places to work and live.

We Work Remotely:

Beyond being a job board, We Work Remotely has a community section on its site where remote workers can share their experiences. It’s a great place for nomads to exchange stories and advice with other professionals.


In terms of community, Meetup definitely stands out. You can find local, in-person meetups, or virtual meetups tailored to either the digital nomad lifestyle, the industry you’re in, or the type of role you work in. Meetup provided awesome opportunities to connect face-to-face (or screen-to-screen).

Twitter (Digital Nomad Hashtags):

Twitter is still a really great resource to engage in digital nomad conversations. Simply opt to following hashtags like #DigitalNomad or #RemoteWork. You can stay engaged by sharing your experiences and also discover new perspectives in bite-sized tweets.

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