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Things To Consider When Choosing A Place To Work Remotely

Ever hear people say: “the world is your oyster”? Well, in the era of remote work, it’s more like the world is your office.

by Emma Bousfield • Sept. 8, 2023 • 3 min read

We’re no longer confined to those grungy, bland cubicles and office spaces, instead, remote workers have the flexibility to choose their workplace... and the options are endless. But, like most things, with great freedom comes great responsibility. Choosing the right place to work remotely can significantly impact your productivity, happiness, and overall experience. In this blog post, we'll explore the top things that we think are critical to consider when deciding where to set up your remote work base.

Visas: The Legal Foundation

Before packing your bags and jetting off to a foreign land, it's crucial to consider the visa requirements for your chosen destination. Different countries have various visa rules. Research the specific visa options available for remote workers, digital nomads, or freelancers in your destination. Some countries have recently introduced special visas to attract remote workers, making it easier for you to work legally from abroad. Be sure to check the application process, duration, and any associated fees.

We put together a little guide for countries that offer digital nomad visas, check it out:

Countries That Offer Digital Nomad Visas

Internet Connection: The Backbone of Remote Work

Your internet connection is your lifeline when working remotely. Without stable, high-speed wifi, your productivity could suffer, and so could your remote working privileges. Before choosing your remote work destination, research the quality and availability of internet services in the area. Look for locations with a reputation for reliable internet infrastructure, and consider investing in backup options like mobile hotspots or even co-working spaces nearby if necessary.

Hot tip: Don't forget to check for any potential time zone differences that might affect your virtual meetings and collaboration.

Travel Potential: The Adventure Factor

One of the perks of remote work is the opportunity to explore new places. Consider the travel potential of your chosen destination. Are there nearby cities, attractions, or natural wonders you'd like to visit during your stay? Research transportation options, such as local buses, trains, or airports, to ensure you can easily (and affordably) explore the region. Having the ability to take weekend trips or extended vacations can make your remote work experience even more rewarding and enriching.

Climate: The Weather Matters

Climate can significantly impact your remote work experience. Do you thrive in warm, sunny weather, or do you prefer cooler temperatures? Consider your personal climate preferences and how they align with your the destinations you’re considering. Extremes in temperature or rainy seasons may affect your comfort and ability to concentrate… it would be a shame to get to Mexico during hurricane season! Another thing to really consider is time zones and how the number of daylight hours plays into your daily routine.

Activities/Excursions: Balancing Work and Play

While remote work is about, well, work, it's also about enjoying life. Research the availability of activities and excursions in your chosen location. Whether you're into hiking, surfing, exploring cultural sites, or trying new cuisine, a destination that aligns with your interests can truly make or break your experience. Look for a place that offers a healthy work-life balance, with opportunities for relaxation and recreation when you're not on the clock.

Have some specific hobbies and/or values that are absolutely pertinent in a remote working destination? Consider our site when booking your next stay abroad. We offer a wide range of coliving options around the world, and give you the tools you need to filter destinations that fit your preferences.

To wrap it all up, choosing the right place to work remotely requires careful consideration of several key factors. Be sure to research visa requirements, internet connectivity, travel potential, climate, and the availability of activities and excursions. By taking these considerations into account, you can create a remote work experience that not only supports your professional goals but also enriches your personal life. Happy remote working!

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