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Top 3 Colivings for Entrepreneurs

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with coliving! Discover the top 3 global communities fostering innovation and collaboration for remote working entrepreneurs here.

by Majd Alsado • Aug. 11, 2023 • 4 min read

Embracing the remote work lifestyle and being an entrepreneur doesn't mean you need to sacrifice a sense of community. The coliving trend can be the golden key, connecting you with like-minded individuals while promoting the entrepreneurial spirit within a supportive ecosystem. Let's explore three top-rated coliving communities that are fostering entrepreneurship.


#1: Repeople - Mozart Coliving, Las Palmas, Spain

If there's any place epitomizing the perfect blend of work and play for entrepreneurs, it's the Repoeple's Mozart Coliving community in Las Palmas, Spain. With an impressive 4.83 out of 5 rating, this early 20th-century mansion, beautifully restored, serves as more than just a living space; it's a catalyst for pioneering entrepreneurial spirits.

Each of the five guest rooms speaks of comfort. The common areas, including a living room workspace and fully equipped kitchen, oozes sophistication and finesse. Throw in the high-speed WiFi and it's clear we're all about harmonizing relaxation with productivity. And for those who love nature, the garden, backyard, and especially the rooftop terrace offer breathtaking views over the bustling heart of Las Palmas and ample space for creative brainstorming sessions.

Gran Canaria is a global hot spot for digital nomads and remote workers. And the prime location of Mozart Coliving at the heart of this buzzing city puts you in the middle of all the action, be it inspiration, relaxation, or entertainment. Fascinating discoveries and mouth-watering local cuisine are stone-throw distances away. With the city's best beach, captivating museums, shopping areas, and historic quarters at your doorstep, this coliving community offers entrepreneurial experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Let your entrepreneurial journey soar in the vibrant ecosystem of Repoeple's Mozart Coliving, where productivity meets charm!

Read more and book Repeople Mozart Coliving here!


#2: Chateau Coliving, Picauville, France

Chateau's perfect 5-star rating screams excellence. This unique castle is nestled amongst nature in Picauville, France. Notably, it’s more than just a coliving space, it’s an entrepreneurial paradise fostering a perfect blend of work and leisure.

It’s designed for digital nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs alike, offering space and tranquillity needed to dive deep into your business projects. Between its cultured walls, you'll find an easy-going and friendly atmosphere filled with diverse, multi-talented individuals, promoting collaboration and the development of entrepreneurial skills.

The lush historical setting of the castle only adds to the charm, making your entrepreneurial journey quite a royal experience!

Read more and book Chateau Coliving here!


#3: Swiss Escape, Grimentz, Switzerland

Swiss Escape in Grimentz, Switzerland, lands an impressive 4.98 rating from guests for a reason. This coliving community goes beyond providing just a roof and a desk. It's an enchanting entrepreneurial haven nestled in the majesty of the Swiss Alps, offering the perfect blend of professional and personal growth opportunities.

What better place to blossom and network than Swiss Escape's two cozy chalets, boasting room configurations to accommodate every need, from solo-preneurs to teams? Each chalet is a hub of collaboration with fully-equipped self-catering kitchens, luxurious lounge areas, and ample storage units.

Regarded as a hub for entrepreneurial inspiration, their communal coworking spaces are well-outfitted with top-notch facilities. Residents rave about the high-speed internet, ergonomic chairs for those long brainstorming sessions, printers, whiteboards for mapping out strategy plans, and even a dedicated meeting room for those all-important private conference calls. All of this, while being surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views of the Swiss mountains.

Swiss Escape is a paradise for entrepreneurs with a comprehensive calendar of activities - from enlightening business talks to social dinners, movie nights, and even ski or hiking days. Work on your latest business proposition during the day, and discuss it over a hot Swiss meal at night. You're not just working mountainside; you're living the Swiss high life!

Read more and book Swiss Escape here!

In conclusion, embracing the remote work lifestyle by joining a coliving community can foster your entrepreneurial journey. With the likes of Repoeple - Mozart Coliving, Chateau Coliving, and Swiss Escape, you can find a community that nurtures your entrepreneurial spirit. Which coliving community piques your entrepreneurial interest most?

Checkout to explore more about these communities and find many more that can supercharge your remote working lifestyle.

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