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Top Remote Work Jobs

Wherever you go, your career can follow

by Emma Bousfield • Sept. 10, 2023 • 5 min read

Nowadays, a traditional 9-to-5 job that’s tied to a specific location is evolving rapidly. And while that sort of work still exists, the emergence of new work situations is unfolding quite rapidly. Remote work in particular has become a game-changer in allowing individuals to work from virtually anywhere.

It’s easy to be envious of those lucky enough to land a remote work position. But, it’s never too late to make a change and try out a new career path. Here are some of the top career options that often offer remote work set-ups.

1. Software Development and Programming

Software development and programming are at the forefront of remote work trends, but are you surprised? A developer’s work is done completely on the computer. And for a tech company, it’s important that they hire the best and brightest developers, even if it means someone that isn’t living near their HQ. Learning to program is… well, let’s just say it’s no easy feat. But with some perseverance, you could find yourself on the right track to getting a remote coding job.


2. Digital Marketing and Content Creation

The digital marketing industry is absolutely BOOMING at the moment. You often hear it said that a product or service is only as good as its marketing team. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a content writer, social media manager, SEO specialist, or email marketer, you can find an abundance of remote opportunities. These roles are great for anyone with a creative mindset that’s excellent at executing on tight deadlines.

3. Graphic Design and Multimedia

Got an eye for design? Graphic and web design roles are easily done remotely, since they’re similarly reliant on computers like programmers. Many companies and agencies outsource design work to talented remote professionals (gotta find the top talent!). If you want to dip your toes into this field, what you showcase in your portfolio and the technical skills you possess are what matters most. Oh, and just remember, there’s no such thing as the perfect portfolio!


4. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants are in high demand as businesses seek help with administrative tasks, customer service, and project management. Since the word virtual is in the job title, it’s basically just handing you the opportunity to work remotely.

5. Online Teaching and Tutoring

Once covid hit and kids transitioned to school online, people began to realize that online education isn’t actually that ineffective, but rather, a natural transition into the digital age that we’re in. Now, there’s a rise of online education platforms, making teaching and tutoring easy to be done remotely. Whether you're an expert in a particular subject, a language tutor, or a certified teacher, you can connect with students and learners all around the world for a bit of extra cash.

6. E-commerce and Dropshipping

E-commerce entrepreneurs and dropshipping businesses are other roles that thrive in the remote work landscape. Running an online store, managing inventory, and handling customer service can be done from virtually anywhere… especially if all correspondence is done over the internet. So if you don’t like the idea of working under a superior, this option is worth exploring.

7. Consulting and Coaching

Maybe you’re several years into your career and are looking to take a step away from the cubicle and explore the world. But in those several years, you’ve become and expert in the field you work in. This creates the perfect environment for you to explore consulting and/or coaching services remotely. Whether you’re a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a marketing professional, remote consultations can be conducted via video conferencing, making it accessible to clients worldwide.

8. Data Analysis and Research

Data-driven decision-making is essential for many companies, especially with the competitive nature of todays turbulent economy. Remote data analysts and researchers can analyze data, generate insights, and contribute to data-driven strategies without being tied to an office location. But these are extremely important roles at a company, and require a fair amount of proven experience and expertise to land a job.


9. Project Management

Project managers are critical. As companies expand and grow, so do the projects and tasks that they’re tackling. It can easily get out of control, which is when the need for a project manager arises. Project managers play a crucial role in overseeing and coordinating tasks. Many organizations that are known for hiring remote workers offer project management positions remotely as well, allowing you to plan, execute, and manage projects from anywhere.

10. Freelance Writing and Journalism

Some people are drawn to writing and have a natural talent for creating articles, opinion pieces, short stories, essays, etc. Nowadays, companies will pay big money for someone to write content for them. If you’ve got that passion for writing, the world is your oyster. As a freelance writers, copywriter, content writer, or journalist, you can apply for remote work positions all around the world. Look into pitching articles, writing for blogs or magazines or news outlets, and do so from anywhere in the world.

Learn how to get into freelancing here:

I think it’s fair to conclude that the remote work phenomenon isn’t just a trend, but it’s here to stay. This is a transformative shift in the way we work, and one that more people should have the benefit of revelling in. Think about the skills you currently possess, the experience you have, your interests, and also company values, and then start to look into positions that meet these criteria. Life is short, so why spend it behind the same desk, in the same four walls, day in and day out? Make a change, and go to the places that you dream of seeing. With remote work, those dreams can easily become a reality.

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